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Intensive workout form where you change interval load at posts given in advance and rest. Usually there are three or four rounds counting with eight and up to sixteen posts. Load and rest interval is set on purpose in order to fulfill the aim of the training. Within the class you will get use your own bodyweight as well as attractive tools such as TRX, Bosu, Ian, medicine balls, kettle bells, tyres, dumbbells made from natural materials and many others. 

What can I gain from Circuit Training?

Circuit Training develops speed, endurance and strength. This effective workout method will help you reach praised fitness and body you have been dreaming of. In addition you will leave the class with clear mind and full of endophins. 

Is Circuit Training the right workout for me?

Circuit Training is intended for general public not afraid of any hard work as well as for professional athletes as a part of their preparation. The class is not recommended to anyone with significant health issues. 

What do I need for Circuit Training?

For Circuit Training you will need sports clothes and shoes, a towel, and a bottle of water. Be ready to sweat a lot!


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3x in Prague / 7 days a Week

3x in Prague

Na Pankráci 1598/78
(2 min. from the Pankrác metro station)
+420 733 612 093

Štefánikova 43a
(Arbesovo nam.)
+420 608 061 091

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+420 739 606 090

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