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Tabata is an effective method of circuit training during which you increase the level of your personal fitness and strength at the same time. Furthermore you burn calories easily. The principle of Tabata is based on the repetition of 8 series for each of the muscle parts. The action – rest ration is 2:1. That means that you work out for 20 secs and rest another 10 secs. The workout intensity is high. You can look forward to a wide range of exercise moves.



What Can I gain from Tabata?

Tabata classes will increase significantly your personal fitness and strength, lower your fat level and form your figure. Thanks to the special ration of action and rest, you can expect a radical improvement of both of the matabolical systems at once – the aerobic one and the anaerobic one. 

Is Tabata the right workout for me?

Tabata workout is intended for eveyone disregarding sex and age. Everyone can change the workout intesity according to his or her individual needs and possibilities. Tabata is very heavy on the cardiovascular system. That is why we recommend to discuss the suitability of the Tabata programme with your doctor, if you have ever had some serious health issues. For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age (even if accompanied by an adult) are not allowed to attend group lesson. We do not recommend that children and teenagers aged 10-14 attend this group lesson.

What do I need for Tabata?

For Tabata class you will need sports clothes and shoes, a towel, and a bottle of water.


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Pravidelně chodím na Tabatu a TRX s Terkou Číhalovou, která mi pokaždé dokazuje jak jsem na tom fyzicky :). Je to výborná instruktorka s kreativními...

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