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Hard core is an intensive circuit training which moves the borders of your abilities, increases your mental and physical endurance. Be ready to try an exercise combination which will increase your strength, endurance and speed. Within the class you will get to use many interesting and unconventional functional training tools. It is going to hurt and will be sweating a lot but it is definitely worth it. 

What can I gain from Hard Core?

Hard core will get you the feeling of satisfaction. By regular participation in the class you will get stronger and leaner. You know what they say. It is a real training only when it hurts enough.

Is Hard Core the right workout for me?

Hard core is intended for men and women who are not afraid of working out hard and who can reach their maximum. When participating you should already know the right technique of squats, lunges and push ups. The class is not intended for clients with significant health issues (cardiacs, asthmatics, epileptics, etc.).

What do I need for Hard Core?

Do not forget to string will to work out hard. Then you will need sports clothes, sturdy indoor sports shoes, and a bottle of water. During your first classes you can have grape sugar with you as your personal dose of doping.


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Alena Pachlová

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