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Sauna is a specially arranged chamber which is heated upby hot air upto 100°C. Hot air warms upthe body deeply and affects positively cardiovascular system, detoxicates organism, relaxes muscles, improves joint mobility, increases immunity level, has a beneficial cosmetical effect on skin and psyche. You will regenerate your tired body and relax your mind.

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Having a sauna, and doing it right!

  • Take off all your jewellery before having a sauna.
  • Do not enter the sauna hungry or, on the other hand, overeaten.
  • Do not forget to have a shower and wipe yourself dry before entering the sauna.
  • Do not use swimsuit in the sauna.
  • Always sit either on a sheet or a towel.
  • Time spent in the sauna is individual: up to 15 minutes for adults and 5 minutes for kids.
  • While sweating you can massage yourself. It makes the pores open quicker and so wash away all the skin dirt.
  • Repeat the warm up – cool down procerure three times. Every other repetition just increases the organism and muscle fatigue.
  • When finishing the sauna ritual, do not forget to hydrate your body well – drink a lot of water, cool tea or mineral water.
  • Excessive body effort is not suitable after having a sauna.
  • Sauna is intended only for healthy people (either adults or kids) who do not suffer from any urgent or chronic diseases. 


  • Heart decompensation
  • High blood pressure
  • Arterail blockag with trophic changes
  • Arrhythmia
  • Heart diseases accompanied by increased upper airway resistance to breathing
  • Urgent phlebitis
  • Inflammatory diseases of inner organs
  • Malignant tumours
  • Ischemic brain injury
  • Acute epilepsy
  • CDC – tuberculosis
  • Acute inflammation of upper and lower airways
  • Urgent inflammatory stages of rheumatic diseases
  • Acute febrile diseases and disorders
  • Imflammatory diseases
  • Urgent skin diseases or injuries

Sauna: Myths vs. Reality

  • Sauna burdens your heart and circulatory system

    Having a sauna is really heavy on the cardiovascular system. If you follow the rules of having a sauna, and an adequate ammount of time spent in the sauna, all the effects of sauna are purely positive then.
  • Sauna is not suitable for kids 

    Sauna is suitable for children whose termoregulation stability is fully developed. The exact age is not fix but usually apart from the third year and even sooner. It is necessary to adjust the period of time spent in the sauna for kids. They should also sit on the lower benches where the temperatur eis not that high. Sauna has a verifiably positive impact on the children’s immunity and on the kids who suffer from respiratory diseases.
  • The more I stay in sauna, the better

    The sauna ritual is no competition which awards those who stayed longer. Recommended periods of times are: for adults from 8 to 15 minutes, and for kids from 3 to 8 minutes within one round of the procedure. It is absolutely necessary to respect your own body’s reactions and needs and not to overstretch yourself.
  • I will have a sauna just to lose weight

    Sauna has a lot of beneficial effects. One of them is a complete blood perfusion together with a drainage of toxins that can contribute to the process of losing weight. Nevertheless, it cannot be claimed that only sauna would make you significantly slimmer. When sweating you lose a lot of water, not fat.

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