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Full Body Workout is a dynamic group class designed for both women and men. The aim of the class is to effectively and comprehensively engage all muscle groups. The class includes a simple introductory cardio section and then strengthening exercises targeting the muscles of the entire body. During the workout you will work out from large muscle groups to small ones. The workout uses both equipment (BOSU, one-arm dumbbells, loading dumbbell and many others) and exercises with your own body weight.

What can I gain from Full Body Workout?

The biggest advantage of this workout is that you will engage and exercise your entire body comprehensively in one session. So if you want to improve your fitness and strengthen your legs, arms, abdomen or back, this is the ideal choice.

Is Full Body Workout the right workout for me?

Full Body Workout is for clients who want to firm and strengthen their muscles and improve their overall fitness. The class is suitable for both women and men and is not age restricted in any way.

Even beginners need not be afraid to come to the class. The instructor will teach you how to choose the right load and technically master the execution of the exercises.



What do I need for Full Body Workout?

You just need comfortable sports clothes, sports shoes with non-slip soles, a towel and water.


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