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Functional Training is based on everyday moves which are specific for their wide locomotion range, complexity and muscle involvement of different levels and categories. The base consists of own body workout along with special tools such as aquabags, bosu, kettle bells, expanders, TRXs, agility ladder and many more. 

What can I gain from Functional Training?

High-quality Functional Training workout leads to higher muscle balance, significantly increases joint stability and contributes to wounds prevention. 

Is Functional Training the right workout for me?

Functional Training is intended for men and women who want to develop strength, fitness and vitality in a healthy and complex way. 

What do I need for Functional Training?

For Functional Training class you will need shoes (we recommend barefoot), airy sports clothes, a towel, and a bottle of water.


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3x in Prague / 7 days a Week

3x in Prague

Prague 3 - Žižkov

Pitterova 5/2878
(Sport Club Žižkov Areal)
+420 776 061 092

Prague 5 - Smíchov

Štefánikova 43a
(Arbesovo nam.)
+420 608 061 091

Prague 8 - Karlín

Sokolovská 131/86
(tram stop Křižíkova)
+420 739 606 090

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