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Do you run but want to improve and run longer distances? Are you not enjoying it alone or do you need the support of a group? Join us and run a Long Run with us every second Saturday. We start slowly at 10km and add two more each time. By mid-March you'll be up to 20k , so if you want to run a half marathon in early April, you'll be ready.

The locations will be regularly alternated (Euforie Karlín and Euforie Smichov) for a greater variety of running routes. Reservations are possible in the Euforie system. Euforie provides full facilities - showers, changing rooms. The lessons are led by an experienced running coach - Anna Vitoušová.

  • 6.1. - 10 km (Karlín)
  • 20.1. - 12 km (Smíchov)
  • 3.2. - 14 km (Karlín)
  • 17.2. - 16 km (Smíchov)
  • 2.3. - 18 km (Karlín)
  • 16.3. - 20 km (Smíchov)



What can I gain from Long Run?

Completing LONG RUNs can help you improve your fitness, meet new running friends, consult with an experienced running coach and support you in preparing for longer races.

Is Long Run the right workout for me?

The class is suitable for all running enthusiasts who want to work on their fitness, improve and extend their running performance, prepare for a longer running race. Running pace will always be adapted to the slowest in the group (but otherwise free approx. 6:15- 6:45/km).

What do I need for Long Run?

Above all, you need running shoes and sports clothing with regard to the current weather. We recommend you also bring a water bottle, grape sugar or something else to quickly replenish your energy. Bring some spare change just in case.


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3x in Prague / 7 days a Week

3x in Prague

Na Pankráci 1598/78
(2 min. from the Pankrác metro station)
+420 733 612 093

Štefánikova 43a
(Arbesovo nam.)
+420 608 061 091

Sokolovská 131/86
(tram stop Křižíkova)
+420 739 606 090fake rolex sea dweller

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