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Piloxing is specially designed fitness programme which combines seemingly incompatible sports –pilates, box, dancing. Piloxing, the fat killer, is plays with dynamics – the music pace changes dramatically during the class. Slow and accurate moves are replaces by jabs, hooks and uppercuts which allow you to let your emotions flow freely. By pilates exercise you will strengthen and stretch your body at the same time, box will provide coveted fat-burning and the dancing will take your mind off things. You will leave the class absolutely gorgeous, self-confident and satisfied. Get your daily dose of energy! 

What can I gain from Piloxing?

Piloxing helps you reach your dream body. Thanks to unique and clever exercise composition and pace switching you will lose weight, strengthen and shape your body without gaining muscle bulk. After the class you will feel sexy, elegantly and full of energy.

Is Piloxing the right workout for me?

Piloxing is special workout programme designed for women who want to work on their fitness disregarding age. 

What do I need for Piloxing?

Gym clothes, a towel and a bottle of water. To increase efficacy of this workout you can use special piloxing gloves with one pound weight which help you form your arms. 


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Romana Šteflová je sympatická slečna, která vede hodiny piloxingu. Před každou hodinou se zeptá, zda-li je někdo na hodině poprvé. Pokud ano,...

Lenka Kocourová

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4x in Prague / 7 days a Week

4x in Prague

Prague 3 - Žižkov

Pitterova 5/2878
(Sport Club Žižkov Areal)
+420 776 061 092

Prague 4 - Pankrác

Na Pankráci 1598/78
(2 min. from the Pankrác metro station)
+420 733 612 093

Prague 5 - Smíchov

Štefánikova 43a
(Arbesovo nam.)
+420 608 061 091

Prague 8 - Karlín

Sokolovská 131/86
(tram stop Křižíkova)
+420 739 606 090

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