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Freestyler is a unique workout board equipped with elastic expanders for arms and legs which let you stregthen effectively in every way. Freestyler class combines elements of various types of workout – aerobic, functional training and rehabilitation. The class pace is purely aerobic which leads to kick-start of all the fat-burning processes in your body. Elastic expanders make the workout even more effective.

What can I gain from Freestyler?

Thanks to complex workout with expanders you will strengthen and stretch out your whole body at the same time. Freestyler workout helps with removing of  backache and improves portural habits significantly. Be ready to burn a big ammount of calories.

Is Freestyler the right workout for me?

Freestyler workout is intended for men and women of all ages. Everyone adjust the difficulty to his or her own needs and stregth level. YOu can choose from three kind of expanders which differs in the resistance strength. 

What do I need for Freestyler class?

For Freestyler class you will need sports clothes and indoor sports shoes. Do not forget a towel and a bottle of water.


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