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It is a fitness – muscle strength workout class which is held for most of the time on big gymnastic balls – fitballs. The class is focused on whole-body strengthening, especially problem parts. The emphasis is put on the correct function of body core and moves that are based on it.

What can I gain from FItball?

Thanks to the workout on fitballs you will strengthen your muscles, mobilize joints and work on the right functioning of your body core. All o fit in a healthy and balanced way. 

Is Fitball the right workout for me?

The class is intended for general public, men and women. 

What do I need for Fitball class?

Fitballs and gym mats are available in the workout hall. Just be sure to have sports clothes and shoes, a towel, and a bottle of water.


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3x in Prague / 7 days a Week

3x in Prague

Prague 3 - Žižkov

Pitterova 5/2878
(Sport Club Žižkov Areal)
+420 776 061 092

Prague 5 - Smíchov

Štefánikova 43a
(Arbesovo nam.)
+420 608 061 091

Prague 8 - Karlín

Sokolovská 131/86
(tram stop Křižíkova)
+420 739 606 090

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